System 3:

    This section is devoted to knowledge that is particularly
    relevant to existence.
    It could include things like how to use band-aids, the
    heimlich manuever, etc. Basic things that make a big
    difference. Some of these things may be psychological
    techniques for healthy mental attitudes.

The Five Functional Mentalities are:
     1. I am satisfied.
     2. Everything is meaningful.
     3. There is an inherent logic.
     4. If it is useless, try something else!
     5. And, to be at least as good as a philosopher.



 You do not die

 It has happened again.

 The Initiation of Immortality

 Climb the pyramid of the exponential:

 At some point your limbs will get limber

 Your mind will live on a plateau.

 Your productions will increase.

 You will live with ease.

 Divine life!

1. Age before youth, 2. Athleticism,
 3. Medicine, 4. Adaptation.

My book, The Dimensional Immortality
(available on Amazon) is recommended
 for additional advice on immortality and longevity.


Metabolic immortality also known as a type of metaphysical immortality, is
true under the conditions that the metabolism is truly healthy and no great
disaster happens explicably or inexplicably (death is considered a disaster
opposed by the metabolism, which is itself unopposed — ‘metaphysical’—
thus immortality is not opposed).

Asexual reproduction makes someone immortal if hetero- and homo-sexual
are the only physical sex, and physical sex is the only way to die.
Immortality of this kind might make sense in a world of temptations in
which someone has met previous requirements (previously dying from
existing, sensing, eating, and thinking) and has a principle of longevity.
Similarly, more generally immortality might be produced by avoiding
temptation, if death is the only temptation.

The metaphysical doctor or expert sometimes called a devil might be one
way to achieve immortality. A ‘metaphysician’ of this kind might use many
different sometimes related or highly various methods, such as yoga,
permanence, medicine, and special arrangements such as contracts with
gods. In the ideal case such attainment could be through knowledge and
gifts from nature.

Bitterness is another possible route to immortality. If sacrifices are the
means to gain benefit, merely drinking the sap of bitterness can have direct
benefit on vitality, as shown by bitter tea and the 'if it tastes good, it's not
good for you’ mentality. Bitterness is also related to the concept of the
‘bitterness of age’ sometimes seen as wisdom, which could be interpreted as
a principle of longevity if it happens early enough without the symptoms of
physical age. It might then be possible to argue that age is wisdom but not


Four possible recommendations so far:

1. Jiaogulan. Fewest side effects with results, but should be avoided by
pregnant mothers according to WebMD.

2. Third recommendation is a milder substance (ground Turmeric) listed
below, with benefits primarily for digestion.

3. Ginseng. Benefits intelligence.

4. A Boiled Poplar Leaf. Poplar trees are known to live up to 80,000 years,
and are recognized as safe in small amounts by herbalists.


Chinese herb called Jiaogulan reportedly reduces tumors, has beneficial
effects for the cardiovascular system, improves "good" cholesterol, and
reduces "bad"., may reduce glucose levels. I have seen it for sale on Etsy for
as low as about $12, including shipping from Thailand. Thus, it may be the
first and safest option for immortality. Buy it as dry tea-leaves to avoid evil

Journal Entry #6, Oct. 12th, 2016. Chinese Verdegris (?) Day 1.

First time ordering Jiaogulan, a substance a portion of which may mean
Ambergris in Japanese…

My first reaction was not extreme, which is exactly what I wanted.

I sampled one small leaf by nibbling it, and then made a cup of tea.

It tasted delicious at first, and then seemed more bitter.

I still find it highly palatable.

(Jiaogulan from Thailand looks like some kind of Cretaceous plant that has
been dried out, with larger, longer flakes than ordinary tea The Immortalitea
looks more like standard herbal tea, but has a straggly, dusty appearance).

After finishing a cup or two of tea, and nibbling more pieces, I looked for
signs of improvement in my body.

At first the response was slow, which should be expected with herbs that
aren't enchanted.

I noticed, although I wasn't sure, that the slight varicose veins (visible veins)
in my right shoulder were disappearing when I viewed my shoulder under
intense lamps in the mirror.

The next thing I noticed was that my skin seemed smoother and healthier
than before. Now I thought it was working!

I noticed other things at this point (really only several minutes after I had
tried the herb): my eyesight has improved, creating clearer images, and my
heart rate slowed, and now seemed more reasonable. Ordinarily recently my
heart rate had been totally out of whack.

I also noticed to my pleasure that I felt slightly naturally sleepy rather than
moody and tired, which meant I had undone some of the negative effect of
the previous drug.

Most importantly at this point, I did not feel over-energized…

Although I had a feeling of tranquility in my mind, it did not seem

Then I looked in the mirror again, and to my pleasure the varicose veins in
my shoulder had completely disappeared! I checked it over and over to
make sure. While the telomerase (see below) had only made the center of the
vein disappear, this herb made the entire vein disappear in a matter of

This was evidence that it could serve an anti-aging function, when combined
with the smooth skin effect.

So, I am still testing to make sure the substance is not addictive, which is
one of my final tests of ambergris-like substances…

Jiaogulan: Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Web MD says it helps with cholesterol, so if you eat a lot of sugar or take
medications, it might be a good idea to take some. Web MD: JIAOGULAN:
Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings

Further update: November 4th, 2016 I have seen benefits for libido and
general wellness. However, my varicose veins have NOT completely

And don’t worry, Thailand doesn’t produce much chewing tobacco, but is
listed as the primary exporter at jiaogulan (dot) com. So, it’s probably safe.
Their oolong tea is listed as Grade A, so it seems trustworthy.


Before I tried Telomerase and Jiaogulan I saw some good results with
ground TURMERIC. It basically helps digestion and metabolism and some
other areas such as possibly mental health, but it can stain things yellow.
Choose the organic kind if you can, to be safe.


Iced tea containing ginseng extract helped my intelligence somewhat. It
might help with old-age brain-related diseases if you take it early enough.


I ate one leaf, and felt very drowsy for a few days. However, my stamina
improved, and I was better able to focus on the thoughts I wanted to have.
The immediate effect was that I felt it might be possible to live to 80,000
years if I was lucky.


SYSTEM 4: Fanciful Quests




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